See all the videos posted on site, buy videos: $12 Normal and $20 VIP), if you want lower price you can buy Music Video Packs. Paypal address for payments is, do not include info aboyt payment in paypal, I don’t need your shipping info, just pay, send payment confirmation and video name, or video list to


Basic Video Pack
5 Downloads // 1 Month to download // 2 VOB Credits

Price: $50

  • Intermediate Video Pack
    12 Downloads // 1 Month to download // 4 VOB Credits

Price: $100

  • Advanced Video Pack
    20 Downloads // 1 Month to download // 6 VOB Credits

Price: $150

  • Pro Video Pack
    30 Downloads // 1 Month to download // 8 VOB Credits

Price: $200

  • Premium Video Pack
    65 Downloads // 1 Month to download // 10 VOB Credits

Price: $400


You have to manually list the videos of your Order and send it to: including your info, Paypal payment confirmation and wait for reply, is a manual process and you must consider time zones.

1 month to download the videos you selected.

Videos SD, HD, 4K, etc are the same in cost.

Remember if you don’t need video packs, you can buy individual videos: $12 Normal Videos // $20 VIP videos.

Music Video Packs can include Normal or VIP videos, no restriction.

Any question, write to