Dec 28, 2023: As Requested, site will have VOB files, but, VOB files won’t be for sale, only will be traded for other needed VOB, and, everytime you buy video packs you get VOB Credits, so you can get the VOB for free. I won’t focus at all in post the VOB cause will need much time for it, so, main focus will be for ProRes and AVC, and VOB I will upload by artist when someone ask for it, usually I keep VOB only for files I don’t have a good Master or MasterRip, or when quality deserves to keep.

New Telegram Channel you can Join to be easy notified when videos are posted on site, also you can have a Chat.

Site has MUSIC VIDEO PACKS, check it out here, you can select SD, HD, 4K videos… Normal or VIP as equal.

Normal videos has $12 Cost and VIP $20, recent posts have “Buy Now” button, for older post you have manually send payment to paypal@musicvidcollector, save confirmation and then write admin@musicvidcollector.com and make your order using your payment confirmation.

Site does not have “Shopping Cart”, there are many videos posted before, and update database will be impossible, so, ALL ORDERS NEED to write admin@musicvidcollector to get the videos.

Don’t make account using @qq.com email, I CAN’T reply to that domain, this server blocks any email to that domain, so, use different domain email to register or to write emails, because I can’t reply or send notification.

Always write to admin@musicvidcollector if you have any question.